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Monday, January 17, 2011

A little "retail therapy".....

We had a slight delay in our removal of Christmas. We took the truck and followed our youngest daughter out to her new part-time (long story) apartment with some of her belongings, last Monday. That put a one week delay in the removal process. It was starting to make me a little nuts to still have some of the Christmas decorations out...but now it's all done. All of my snowman collection is keeping us company for awhile! The house is clean and looks all pretty, again! BIG job done...yeah!! This does not mean that I am embracing Winter...just accepting that which I cannot change!! I might not be able to change it...but I can do my best to make it as painless as possible!! We are slowly but surely feeding in the Spring merchandise and I am expecting some great new stuff any day now...refreshing your home is a great Winter past-time...and buying new things to make you happy is "retail therapy"...like I said I am doing my best!! I just placed an order for some great new stuff including the newest designs of the measuring spoons that everyone loves!! Also ordered some more new baby things to add to our little ones section CUTE, CUTE, CUTE....if you haven't seen the baby bibs we have for Valentine's Day yet...you should!!! I am expecting new jewelry, scarves, lamps, framed prints, and some more garden things....you might not be able to beat it...but no one said you had to join it, either!! So if you feel yourself starting to catch the Winter Blues...come on in and see us....if the "retail therapy" doesn't help...we have cake and cookies...enough said!!

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