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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some Days.....

The Gourmet food order that I was waiting for arrived!!!! This area is all nice and full, again!!! It was funny, within an hour of it's arrival, three customers came in and purchased something from this display...it was like radar!!! It is all SO good and so popular...it's not unusual for it to sell...but it was funny that they came in when they did...like they had a look-out waiting for it!!~~~We, also, got all of the brand new Byers' Choice pieces in. A Nautical Mrs. Santa (to go with the Nautical Santa...) The Williamsburg gardening family, The Valentine's Day boy and woman, and the new Easter boy and girl for 2011. They are all great...I'll try to get some pictures. We, also, received some new things for our "baby" area...it was a productive day!! ~~ We spent the day, on Monday, roaming around Carlisle. We went into all of the shops that were open (many are closed on Monday...but so are we...so I am not complaining!!) and it was very interesting. It's a college town, so there are some "funky" shops that appeal to that age group. It, also, has a big courthouse...so there are a lot of professionals and lawyers. The whole downtown is a "historic district" so there is a lot of pride in the buildings. I always think it's such a shame when you have an area with a lot of old buildings that DON'T have that. You can always tell where the property owners are only interested in making a buck...it's sad, and I think it's partially the local governments fault. We have an old building next door to our shop...literally right next door...somewhere along the line some idiot said it was OK for the old portion to be added to...and the owner built as much "rent-able" space as he could. They are having a problem (I think it's with water pipes...) right now...the lady who lives in the apartment where the problem is, is in her 80's. They are ripping it all apart...she is going to have one heck of a mess!!! They are using jack hammers and it sounds (and feels..) like they are coming through OUR place!!! That addition never should have been put on to begin with. It's such a contradiction...we have this little historic "Mayberry" town...and it seems like nothing is being done to preserve that. I hope the jack hammering is all over with...I don't know how much more I can take!!! I think some cookie baking is in order...cookies fix everything!!!!

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