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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sweets for the Sweet....

The Valentine's candy has arrived!! I don't know what took so long, but I am thrilled to have the "candy shop" looking wonderful again!! It is a focal point. It is a magnet. Everyone, young and old, head straight for the candy. All week it has been just empty jars waiting for this shipment!! I expected it on Tuesday...so it was a long week!! I put this order in months ago....the candy needs to be ordered way ahead of time (the Easter order was in before Christmas!!) or you run the risk of not getting what you want. My Rep for this company is really good about "gently" reminding me to get the order together. I have gotten into the habit of writing it up as soon as I get the catalog...that way I know I've done my "homework" and my order is safely in the computer system. Although I did all that was required of me for this, particular order...I am still missing a whole bunch of the candy!! I need to make a phone call on Tuesday and find out if this will be on it's way...or if they are already sold out of those items. I thought I was guaranteed to receive my selections...I guess there are no guarantees in anything. I am wondering why we make such a point of getting the order in so early if I am not going to get the merchandise anyway!!! Oh well...I am happy with what DID come in...it looks great. Now...where the heck is the gourmet food order that should have been here by now?? I am sounding a bit like a Diva...must be the yucky Winter weather (I have to blame it on something!!!)

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