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Friday, January 28, 2011

We are here for you....

This just looks like "Springtime Under Glass"...I spent the afternoon, yesterday, doing a little re-arranging in the gift shops. I will admit that I put out some more Spring...I did warn you!! There are more flowers, mushrooms, garden items and even bunnies. I did not give in to the temptation to go full blown Easter...but they are calling for more of this cursed weather...so I make no promises!!! I am not alone, it seems, because this "Spring fever" merchandise is selling....that tells me that everyone has it!!! I am still waiting for new merchandise to arrive...and when it does I think the last traces of the Winter merchandise (which I am, already squeezing further and further into the corner...) will be invited to join the Christmas merchandise in the "Christmas Shop"...it's nothing personal...all of my snowman collection is in place at home...it's just that I am so sick of this weather and I want it to go away!!! I have no control over that...but I do have control over what goes on in the gift shops!! Today...I will wait, as patiently as I can, to see if the anticipated merchandise comes. I am, also, fine tuning next weeks Afternoon Tea Menu. "One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats."~~Iris Murdoch ~~I don't know who Iris was...but I agree with her thought. I am doing everything I can to provide you all with the continuous small treats...I think there is a gnome looking for a good home in the gift shop and I am pretty sure I smell chocolate mousse cake...or maybe that's scones...either way, we are here for you!!

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