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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Where are you Springtime.....

I am not using this picture to be mean...I am putting this on my blog in an attempt to keep my sanity!! Under normal circumstances, I enjoy the Winter months....oh, don't get me wrong...I DO NOT love them...there is not even a strong affection. Once we get through all of the craziness that is the Holidays, life sort of slows down a little in the Winter. The shop is still very busy...but when we come home at night there are no gardening duties, the grass doesn't need to be cut, no pruning, watering, weeding...you get the picture. I have a little "down time"...time to read a book or watch a movie. Like I said...under normal circumstances. There is nothing normal about this Winter!!!! I am sick of the cold...sick of the salt....sick of the snow!!! I don't remember ever feeling this strongly, this early in the season!! A few days ago, we had a couple of ladies come in and they seemed surprised that we had the Valentine's candy "out already"....really??? After all, it's next month, so that was, really, a silly comment. But the fact of the matter is....I am ready to put out the SUMMER merchandise...that's just HOW ready I am to see the backside of this Winter!!!! I am not one to "rush" the seasons. I work very hard to make sure that the merchandise you can see, while you are eating in the dining rooms, is appropriate to the current season or Holiday. But, after this week especially, I am seriously considering hanging beach balls!!!! As if the lousy weather isn't enough to make you cranky....and border line crazy...."they" did the snow removal yesterday. Yes...it stopped snowing Wednesday morning and "they" just did the snow removal yesterday. Unfortunately...they forgot to remove the pile in front of our store. It is, literally, the ONLY pile left in town. I use the term "forgot" intentionally here...it's nothing new. But, the fact of the matter is, I don't think they forgot at all...I am pretty sure that squeaky wheels are heard...and then punished!!!! So...to sum up...if you are coming in to see us any time soon...use our completely plowed parking lot....and bring your flip flops. Maybe we can pretend all of the "salt" we are using (to get rid of the ice) is sand!!!

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