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Sunday, February 6, 2011

40 something days 'til Spring....

That which does not kill us...makes us stronger!!! It is only a matter of days...40 something, actually...and we will be saying hello to Spring!! I cannot wait until the porch looks like this, again!! Other than the hanging plants...I will be getting those from MY plant place, this year. I bought the ones everyone else did, last year...you can see the results!! Not to toot my own horn...but I have a green thumb...so this was either a result of the weather (now, there's a shock!!) or the plants were stressed to begin with. I go to a greenhouse that is family owned and operated. Their plants are amazing!! I get all of my herbs, and some bedding plants and perennials, from them. I would, probably, get more from them...but I fill the back of my car with herbs and can't get any more in!! It's a bit of a trip and Monday is the only day that I can go. There are other, more local, greenhouses that I frequent (and I mean that literally...sometimes several times a week!!) and they have great annual bedding plants...but the selection of herbs is nothing compared to my favorite one. We have a large, formally laid out, herb garden. I really stuff the plants in because I like the look of controlled chaos. I, also, like unusual herbs in addition to the parsley and basil!! I mix tomatoes and other vegetable plants in too...mostly for the look...it gives the appearance of an old-fashioned kitchen garden. I teach classes, in the Spring, that feature herbs...among other things!! I promised to have the class schedule ready before the end of this month...so keep your eyes open!! We, also, have some herbs that you can grow on your windowsill...they are in the shops, upstairs....just in case I got the juices flowing with all of this garden talk!! Have a great Sunday!!...They say the sun might make an appearance...now, wouldn't that be wonderful??

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