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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another one of those days.....

Have you ever had one of those days...you feel like you are running in place. It seems like you will never, actually, get anywhere. I have them now and again...and I had one, yesterday. It has nothing to do with the shop...I have had these days at home, too....I guess it's just the way the planets line up...or the full moon!! We can blame all kinds of things on that!! Today, I am heading to work with a positive attitude and high hopes that I won't feel like a hamster on a wheel, again!! There were many, many moments, yesterday, that the bakery case did NOT look like this!! I just kept baking and baking...but the case was emptying faster than I could fill it up!! All in all it's a great "problem" to have!! One of these days I am going to keep track of how much butter and sugar I use in a week...just for fun!!~~ Well, we have gotten to the end of another week~~as far as merchandise deliveries go~~and I still have things that I am waiting for. It is so strange...some of my companies ship super early (think Christmas in July...hey, maybe that's where that came from???) and others...I wait and wait!! Oh well...keeps thing fresh and ever-changing in the shops...and that keeps things interesting!!! We have gotten all of the Easter that I have so far, out...I am sure I will change the displays several times as new things come in...but that's OK. And, as I suspected, everyone else is ready for this season, too, because the Easter is selling!! The candy display is all done...and that is selling, too!! Spring cannot come fast enough...I just hope we don't have too much Winter left to deal with. I am off to make the cakes~~lots and lots of orders, today!! Have a great weekend!!

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