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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Candy, candy, candy....

Yesterday was an eventful, busy day!! Baked and baked and baked...cookies, kiefels, brownies, scones...whew!! And we are trying to get the remnants of Winter put away and embrace Spring. I am decorating for Easter...and I don't care that it is late this year...we deserve chicks and bunnies!! And then we had a surprise visit from my son and grandson!! I will have to get some pictures on here...he will be a year old in a week, and has grown so much!! He is so funny...his favorite things are the broom and mop!! He carries them around and "seeps". The problem is that they are, considerably taller than he is, so the handles are a weapon!! We have all gotten really good at dodging the handles!! We are, also, teaching him "HOT"...I don't want any accidents in the kitchen!! During his visit we received a phone call from the truck driver who was about to deliver my big candy order!! The shop, currently, looks like a candy factory exploded!! It is everywhere!! I just didn't have the energy...although my grandson did!! He wanted to help "unpack" that candy and see what was in those boxes!! My grand plan was to put all of the old-fashioned and nostalgic candy out right away, but save the Easter candy, and put it out in a couple of weeks....but it is all just too darn cute!! So I am going to do that too!! I am heading to work, now, to get this job done!! Candy, candy, candy...it's a tough job....but somebody has to do it!!!

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