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Friday, February 4, 2011

Great new stuff coming in.....

Well...the weather, this week, has certainly been ugly....but it has not stopped the deliveries from coming in!! We have some of the cutest, prettiest new stuff!! I am very excited!! I am expecting even more today!! If you haven't come in and checked out the gift shops in a little while...you should!! One of my reps came in, yesterday afternoon, and she had a couple of new companies and new lines to show me...you guys are going to LOVE this new stuff, too!! So, it's Friday, and that means lunch and supper...and with the weather this week...I am going all out comfort food, tonight!! I think we deserve it!! If you are in the mood to make a little comfort food of your own...you should stop in and check out the "kitchen shop"...we have everything you need!! Doesn't this picture make you feel like cooking?? Oh...well then, never mind...that is what WE are here for!! Happy Friday,everyone and keep your chin up...Spring...or at least a stretch of non-ugly weather...HAS to be right around the corner!!!

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