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Monday, February 14, 2011

A great Valentine's Day...

It is clear that we were rewarded, today, for the weather that we have been dealing with all Winter!! How lovely that we enjoyed this treat on Valentine's Day!! My husband and I took a little day trip... our reward after such a busy, busy weekend!! We had our usual crowd on Saturday and then had a baby shower come in. Most of the guests for the shower traveled about an hour to get there! That is very, very flattering. Not only do so many people pick our shop for celebrating their special events, but so many more are coming from farther and farther away.... I guess that's the definition of a "destination" place. We were very busy for Sunday Brunch...lots of couples and families...and then fully booked for Sunday Supper, last night, and there were quite a few cars with New Jersey plates!! It really makes me feel good...and makes me feel like I am doing something right!! We, also, had some of our favorite customers come in and see us this weekend. I even got a few "Valentine's" and a flower!! It is always so nice to realize how very lucky we are... we don't just have customers...we have an extra large family!! All in all this was a great Valentine's Day...hope you had a great one, too!!!

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