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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday.....

One Day They are babies...
And then.....
They are celebrating their 1st Birthday!! Wow...it just goes SO fast!!! A year ago it was snowing...so we were able to close the shop early and meet my grandson!! Funny how that works out!! He has been a source of happiness ever since!! I mean, look at that face!!! We went birthday shopping, last night, with a very clear gift in mind...and wound up with something completely different!!! It doesn't matter, really, because his favorite thing in the world is the broom and mop!!! He carries them around and "seeps"....of course he is pretty attached to the snow "suzzle" too!!! Luckily there isn't any, right now, to be "suzzling"....what a difference a year makes....Boy ain't that the truth!!! Happy Birthday Peanut...We love you!!!!


  1. Hope Caden had a happy birthday and you enjoyed his birthday celebration.

  2. He is very amused by the "singing" of Happy Birthday!! There is a car commercial on now for president's day and a girl is singing...he is pretty sure she is singing to him!! It's really funny!!!