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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Here comes Peter Cottontail.....

The Easter goodies are coming in fast and furious now!! We have some really great stuff!! Everything from Vintage reproduction to whimsical to just plain CUTE!! As I transform the shops into a Spring and Easter "wonderland" I remember how much I love this time of year!! I spend so much time looking forward to Halloween (and I am still spending a considerable amount of time thinking about it because of the event we are working on at the 1803 House!!!) and the Fall weather...and then, of course, Christmas consumes my every waking thought...(whether I am at the shop or at home) but sometimes you forget just how exciting this time of year is, too!! Not only because the weather is getting better...but my gardens coming back to life and then the Easter Holiday itself!! I have been tweaking the Easter candy display and the Easter merchandise in the gift shops all week. It is an ongoing process that is never, actually, finished. As I work on the candy display I find myself thinking how much I wish I were putting baskets together for my kids...this stuff is just SO cute, and unique...it would be great additions to the offerings from the Easter Bunny...(and we got some stuffed animals in yesterday that BELONG in the baskets, too!!) Then we got some foil wrapped "candy" bunnies that are for decoration only...I will get pictures on here!! The more we get in the more I am looking forward to Spring...I am glad it is so "late" this year...more time to savor the decorations!! It will also mean a better chance for warm weather...egg hunts in the bitter cold are NOT fun!! If you are in the area...make sure you stop in and see all that we have been working on...and if you find yourself singing "Here comes Peter Cottontail" that's OK...'cuz I have been humming it myself!!!

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