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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mother Nature Wins....

Today...you could ice skate on the sidewalks!!! I don't think you would look this happy about it!! We take our business very seriously. This is not a "hobby" to us...it is our livelihood...but you just don't mess with ice!!! Like I said before, Mother Nature is one tough broad!! The groundhog didn't see his shadow (how could he...it is MISERABLE today...) so, according to folklore, that means an early Spring!! You all know how much I love folklore and fairytales...so I am going to hope that the rodent is right!! We are going to wait out the worst of this and then head into the shop a little later on. I have a whole bunch of "sprucing up" and re-arranging ideas for the gift shop. We got some of the new merchandise, that I have been waiting for, yesterday...and it, really is, just a matter of time before I start to unpack the Easter. I have been threatening for a few weeks...but the groundhog said an early Spring so....I am thinking about (which translates to "going to"..) adding on to the baby area. We have so many new "little customers" lately...we want to keep them happy! I think there is a gap in this market...especially locally...and I have given up thinking that the gaps will be closed by any new businesses...so I will close them myself!! I have some great stuff available to me~ I just have to figure out where to put it, how to display it and then what to carry. I am, also, planning to expand the "gourmet market"...this area is really picking up!! The products that we sell are top of the line and SO GOOD...and we have a real following for them...one of the companies I order from called the products an "affordable luxury" I think that is a great way to look at it!! So...we will go in to the shop, armed with my ideas, get some work done (I hate wasting time!!) and answer the phone...because I am pretty sure you are all just as sick of this weather as we are, and will be calling to make your "I need some Sweet Memories" reservations!!! Of course...you will have to check out the gift shops, too, you don't want to miss all of our new ideas!!

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