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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Secret recipes....

I love cookbooks and recipes. That, of course, is no secret. I have been baking...in one way or another...since I was a kid. I have been baking "professionally" for a very, very long time!! I collect cookbooks and recipes like people collect stamps~ Or whatever you collect~ I  rarely follow a recipe, as is. I have been doing this for so long that I can tell by looking at a recipe if it will "work" and be a winner...or not!!! But I do find a lot of inspiration in books and magazines etc. I, especially, like "real" recipes that are used by "real" families everyday. Which is why I carry the Gooseberry cookbooks...you can't beat family recipes!! (I don't follow those, exactly, either...but that's not the point!!) The recipes that I use at the shop, everyday, are "mine"...either I came up with them, from beginning to end...or I "worked" on them, changed them...added, subtracted and tweaked...until they are mine!! Everything from the soups, salads, quiche and sandwich fillings...to the dinner selections, Brunch dishes and all of the baked goods!!! My scone recipe, alone, was a "work in progress" for a VERY long time!! So, why am I telling you all of this??? Well....it is the back story to a really GOOD story that happened this week!! People never cease to amaze me!! We received quite a few boxes of new merchandise on Tuesday (AWESOME new merchandise....just saying!!) so, when I finished all of my baking and my orders, I went up in the gift shoppes to find homes for everything. My daughter came up and said that she had just had "the phone call to beat all phone calls". Just to let you know, that IS saying something...because I could write an Erma Bombeck-type book just about the phone calls!!!! A lady, who has moved out of the area, called, and was telling my daughter all about how she used to come in to the shop, but that she, now, lives in another state etc. etc.....my daughter thought she was going to ask if we ship cakes. But, no, instead she asked if she could have my recipes!!! When my daughter recovered from the shock...she told her no...that wasn't enough. The lady asked her to go and ask "someone with authority"...oh dear!! My daughter told her who she was, that she KNEW some of the recipes, herself, and that the answer would still be "no" regardless of who she talked to!! I guess she wasn't very happy!! So...the question of the day is...when I am ready to "retire"...and decide to "write a book", do we make it the tell all cookbook....or the funny one ?? I'll tell you what...kids may say the darndest things, but the adults are a close second!!!

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