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Friday, February 11, 2011

So charming...

Are you ready?? Valentine's Day is just around the corner!! These charms are great for backpack zippers and key chains...but we, also, got our other~~super popular~~charm order in, yesterday!! The company had a whole new line...they are magnets and are interchangeable!! You can have a new necklace everyday!! I have not had a chance to take any pictures, yet...but you should really come in and see them in person, anyway!! We, also, re-stocked all of the other charms...scrabble tiles, quotes, vintage pictures...they all sold out the last time we had them...come in and check them out!! ~~~ I put some more orders in, yesterday...so, just to let you know...we have forsythia on it's way...some more amazing Easter and Garden goodies...and the Tea order has been placed!!! All of the ugly weather really wreaked havoc with my schedule. All of those things that I am, usually, on top of kept getting pushed back!! I am, almost, back on track!! We, also, completed a little project back by the cash register...(that ALSO took much longer than it should have!!) You will have to come in and see it and tell me what you think!!!

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