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Monday, February 28, 2011

So much on my mind......

I have Easter on the brain!! I am expecting my "big" Easter order tomorrow. We have gotten lots of great things in, already, but this one has the merchandise that I base all of my displays around. Once it comes in I can really concentrate on the displays. I have all kinds of ideas in my head...I just want to get them done "for real" so that I can think about something else!! We have people calling to see if everything is in, yet. We have a lot of customers that travel a little distance to see us (which is VERY flattering, by the way...) and they want to make sure we are "ready" for Easter when they get there...they don't want to miss anything!! That is, also, VERY flattering!! It makes me happy when you guys love the merchandise I pick out...it's a bit of a gamble, really. I have 1000's of choices available to me...deciding what to carry can be difficult!! But, when I hear all of the nice comments ("your stuff is so unique and not like everything that everyone else has" is my favorite...) and have people calling to see if we are "ready" for whatever Holiday is coming up (and traveling to see it...) that makes me think that, maybe, I am doing something right!!! If Easter is your thing (or ONE of your things....like me!!) make sure you stop in sooner rather than later!! Some of our selections are gone already!!~~ I have spent quite a bit of time thinking about the Spring class schedule, too. I have it all ready...by the end of February...as promised!! We have some exciting "surprises" for this round of classes. I am trying to make them a little more interactive. I think it will be more fun for both of us!! All of the information will be available starting tomorrow...just give us a call...we will sign you up!!~~ And, now that the weather has broken a bit, I can give the Afternoon Tea some more time!! I was all ready to go...and then we had all of that nasty weather!! I decided not to push it too hard until the weather cooperated a little more!! There is nothing worse than having something planned and then having to cancel it!! I think I am "safe" now, though...I am sure it's not COMPLETELY done with us (although that would be fine with me!!!) But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!! I am going to come up with a menu and post it on my facebook page. I will have a new one for every month...that way you'll know what we are serving. We are "famous" for changing our menu all of the time...but I think the Afternoon Tea menu can stay the same for a whole month and then change...I can take advantage of what is "in season" that way, too!! If you haven't tried it, yet...make some plans and call for a reservation!! ~~ Boy, there's a lot going on in my head!!! If I have seemed a little "out of it" lately....now you know why!!

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