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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Taste of Spring....

I know it's early. I know Easter isn't until the end of April....but I don't care!!! The weather, on Monday, really felt like Spring and I am so ready for it!! This was one tough Winter...the snow and ice are, finally, melting from around our house and we can see...all too clearly...how much clean-up needs to get done!! Just removing the cinders is going to be quite a job!! But that's OK with me....I say "bring it". My youngest daughter and I were shopping for curtain material for her apartment Saturday night...no luck (yet..) but I did see some really awesome green burlap. I want to re-do the curtains in our pool house, this year. They really took a beating from all of the wind. When I made them, last year, I bought the burlap from a garden store....never occurred to me to look at the fabric store...duh!!! The stuff at the fabric store seemed much heavier. Oh, it must be February!! I am stacking the projects up...that is a sure sign of Spring!!! We got our tea order in, today. So all of you who have been waiting for the Vanilla Coconut....it's back!! I ordered a bunch of new flavors, too, including strawberry chocolate and red velvet...yes, those are TEA flavors!! We, also, got our forsythia order. Wreaths, stems and garland!! And, just to warn you, the Easter is starting to show itself....this is one of the best parts of owning your own store....it can be Easter if I want it to be...and I DO!!! If you, too, are looking for Spring...you know where to find it!!!

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