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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Very Merrie Halloween...

Save the date! Saturday October 1, 2011! We would love for you to join us at the 1803 House for "A Very Merrie Halloween"~~a Halloween art show and Fall festival. We had another meeting, last night, and picked the name and date...so it's official!! I know we are trying, desperately, to break out of this cold weather and get a little sun and warmth into our lives...and, now, I am talking about October...but it takes a long time to plan an event like this, especially if we want it to be awesome and memorable...which we do!! I asked, before, if there are Halloween Artists out there who would like to apply and participate...this is the most important part of the whole thing!! If you, or someone you know, would be interested...please feel free to contact me!! The Artists will be able to set up in the house...it's a beautiful old building that will be a great backdrop for Halloween art! We are looking for a diverse mix of things...so, maybe you paint or sculpt, re-purpose and re-use, make jewelry or candles or witches brooms...if it's Halloween...we would love to talk to you, see your art and have you apply!! We have some other things planned for this, too....so it will be a fun day for everyone!! I'll give more details as we go along!! I am very excited about this!! You guys all know what a big deal Halloween is at the shop. We work, very hard, to bring you a fantastic selection of collectibles and decorations...and we have been told (more than a few times...) that we have the best!! You guys, also, know that I am a collector, myself!! I follow several, amazing artists and their work...and most of them participate in some kind of show (or shows)..some online, some that the public can, actually, attend. Unfortunately, these shows are in Michigan and California...not an option for a small business owner. But, this is a way to bring this kind of experience right here to our area!! I am sure that we have some amazing talent of our own, right here!! If you can help us locate it...that would be great!! So...all of my Halloween enthusiasts....(and you know who you are!!)...you circled the date didn't you?? We are going to have a "Very Merrie Halloween"!!!!

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