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Saturday, February 5, 2011


I wish. This seems like SO long ago!!! I am, without question, Winter-weary. It's not about the snow, or the sleet, or the ice...well, yes it is....but it is so much more than that! This weather pattern that we have been in, for what seems like years, is a real drain on your energy!! It seems like all I've done for~forever~is worry. We have a big responsibility. We own 2 properties that need to be taken care of. They both need the snow and ice removed form where you walk...which has been a constant job. We are, especially, concerned with the shop....I don't want anyone to fall and get hurt. So...it's constant. The shoveling, the re-shoveling, the salting, the plowing of the parking lot...I have to say...we feel like an island!! We have our property completely clean and clear and safe...but the rest of the town is, really, falling down on the job!! The alley(s) that you need to use to get to our parking lot are horrible!! The sidewalks all around us have not been taken care of...and there is a frozen "bank" that was never removed from the edge of the road that makes it impossible to get onto the sidewalk!!! We have great customers who have been coming~~no matter what~~but I am so disgusted with this situation!!! The local road crews have spent the last few days getting the triangle cleaned (finally) because there was an event planned for this weekend....ummm...we have "events" every single day. Showers and birthdays, retirements and job promotions, anniversaries and Holiday celebrations...but we are still "ice locked"!!! I had a customer, yesterday, who had called and asked about some of the new Byers' pieces. She was planning on buying quite a few and spending a lot of money. We had them all ready and waiting for her when she got there...but she called us from outside...in her car. She was afraid to get out because of the ice!!! Not on OUR property...the ice on the side of the road and the sidewalks of the neighboring properties!! We had to take the merchandise out to her. So much for the experience. I work my tail off to make your time with us memorable. From the second you step inside the door. But, if you are afraid to leave your car....I guess it doesn't really matter!!! I know this is a less than ideal situation all the way around...and NO one is enjoying it!! I know we are not alone....but, some days it sure feels like it!!!

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