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Friday, March 4, 2011

Bookstore heaven....

So...we went to the book store last night. Anybody who knows me well knows that I am in heaven in a bookstore. I am searching for a magazine that I know is "out"...but I will be darned if I can find it!! I assumed that this was a sure thing...they MUST have it at the bookstore...nope!! However, this visit had two purposes...the other was to find a birthday gift for my soon-to-be 5 year old niece. She is a very special little girl...in more ways than I can explain...so the gift needed to be special too. If you are looking for something really unique for a special kid in your life...I, strongly, recommend hitting the bookstore!! We found some great gifts that are right up her alley...and a Harry Potter cookbook for me!!! Still no magazine....but I can't wait to read the cookbook!!! Like I said...in heaven!! I controlled myself and decided to save the other cookbook shelves for the next visit...now if I could just figure out where to get that darn magazine!!! I could "carry" some of these less mainstream magazines at the shop...but you have to commit to quite a few of them...and I just don't know if they would sell...but, at least I would have MY copy!!! There was a magazine on the stand that I really wanted to get...but it was $15.00...I don't know...I could get a book for that. I understand this "new trend" of the higher priced magazines. They make them as "book-like" as they can with the idea that you will spend eight or nine dollars...but it just seems to me that if they would go the other way...and make them more reasonable instead they would sell more!!??!! With so many newspapers and magazines going under it just seems kinda silly....sort of like going to the movies...if the tickets were cheaper the seats would be full...and then they would make money when they showed the movie. I have been to the movies, more than once, where there were an awful lot of empty seats. I don't get it...but then, no one asked me for my opinion!! ( Of course ..... that's never stopped me from giving it....) Now...that magazine....it probably isn't even all that great...no, that won't work...I still want it!!!

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  1. I love all those magazine cookbookds..and find that I am all over the place looking for them!! would be a great idea having them at Sweet Memories...no more hunting around-one stop!! does it all...