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Friday, March 18, 2011

Bring on the flowers.....

This is one of the pictures from the flower show. The day we went was a pretty day...but very windy and on the cold side. When you get inside and see and smell all of the flowers the Spring fever that hits you is overwhelming....there is nothing in the whole world that you want more than to see these flowers in your own yard and to have a beautiful Spring day. Who would have thought that just a few days later....we would have it!!! I went to the garden center yesterday...bought some pansies...cleaned out the "double washtub" planter on the front porch and planted little purple violas in it. The bulbs, from last year, are already coming up in it so, before too long, we will have Spring growing on the front porch!!! I still have to get my planters at home done...but it was a start!! It was quite a thrill to pull in the parking lot of the garden center for the first (of many....) visits of the season!! They have pallet after pallet of unpacked merchandise, and inside (where they have all of the non-growing stuff...) was full of boxes in various stages of unloading!! It's a big job...I'm sure...but I was still very happy to be there!! Go out and enjoy today...we all know that March and April can be fickle. I am hoping that today is a good indication of what is to come and that the cold weather is over. While the 70+ degrees will be a nice treat, I have to be honest, I ENJOY the 50's and low 60's that lead up to the 70's....so it can go back to "normal" and I will be OK with that!! It is a whole lot easier to do all of the "Spring clean up" and the harder physical stuff that comes with early Spring when you are not sweating profusely!!! But, for today, let's welcome this weather and celebrate the fact that we "made it" through another winter in PA!! Now...bring on the flowers!!!

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