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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Come on sun.....

Yesterday was just....weird!!! Snow in the morning, off and on drizzle and just plain yuck all day, pouring rain in the evening, thunder and lightning and then sleet....and some snow, again, this morning!!! OK...we get it, Mother Nature, you are in charge....enough already!!! One of my Reps called me, yesterday afternoon, to gently remind me to get my order together (he is VERY good at that!!!)....the order is for Christmas cards!!! How appropriate!!! This little garden shed was at the flower show...it was so cute!! The little white picket fence and all of the Spring flowers....at this point I would settle for a little sun!!! There was something so wrong and depressing about the snow lying all over my poor little pansies....and there are a few "Easter Egg Trees" on my way to work....they were all covered too!!! So sad!!! Oh well...it melted by the end of the day, and I am confidant that this new "sugar coating", that we got this morning, will do the same!!! We took the tables and chairs out of storage, last week, and put them on the front porch at the shop. We have to take them inside every night and then back out every morning (or they would get stolen!!!) and they are heavy. Needless to say...I am regretting the decision now!!! That's Spring for ya!!! I am going to continue to have a positive outlook and wait, as patiently as I can, for the "real Spring" to get here....I think some flower shaped cookies, chocolate "nest" cupcakes (to go with the "nest macaroons"...) and some strawberry-rhubarb tarts are in order....COME ON SUN!!!!!!

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