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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Doing my part....

I have been doing my very best all day to ignore whatever it was that the weather people were saying...my theory being that if I ignore it...it will go away. I just checked the forecast and they have down graded the 4-8 inches (that I have been hearing all day long...) to 1-3 inches. SEE!!! If I continue to ignore it, perhaps, it will miss us completely!!! So...to that end...another picture of Spring for your viewing pleasure!!!~~~ We had a whole bunch of new merchandise come in, today...always exciting!!! We found homes (actually just rest stops before they go to their REAL homes!!!) for all of the new Byers' Choice pieces that we picked up, yesterday. Then the UPS man came and brought a big order... primarily garden decorations, then the FedEx man brought another order later in the afternoon. I would tell you all about what was in that order...but most of it sold off of the tables while I was pricing it!!! There are some new, really great, pictures though....I hung them in the hallway...but I'm not super thrilled with the placement...so I will, more than likely, move them around tomorrow. There is one of this little girl playing "this little piggy" and one of a little boy feeding ice cream to his dog...SO cute!!! I think that I will make some Springtime goodies for the bakery case, tomorrow, too....I am trying to do my part....trying REAL hard!!!! Here's hoping that tomorrow will bring sun...the "S" word that we all LIKE!!!!

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