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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Flower Show...

We went to the Philadelphia Flower Show today!!! I have been looking forward to this for....forever. It is a great harbinger of Spring. The Convention Center is loaded with plants and flowers and water features...artistic displays that seem to just get bigger and better all the time...sights and smells...and about 80 million people. Let's be realistic. If an event this huge and fantastic weren't heavily attended it would not be around to enjoy. However...lots of people shouldn't, automatically, mean lots (and lots and lots ) of rude!!!! I cannot tell you how many times I stopped to allow an excited fellow flower lover to get the picture they wanted WITHOUT me walking through it...I would venture to guess about the same number of times someone DID walk right into my shot!!! I also, repeatedly, allowed the wheelchairs and strollers some room to move....but WHY do they bring the "rolling" shopping carts??? Really...why??? Dozens and dozens of them....running right into you!! Seriously??? Regardless ....it was awesome!! If you guys have plans to go...here's a hint. Go left when you go in. People (especially rude, inconsiderate people) are creatures of habit....they bear right. If you go left there will be less resistance... you will be able to see the left side, relatively unhindered...and then you can go back and see the right side when the crowd moves to the left!! Also...don't go into the men's room...no matter how long the line is for the ladies room....(it's a whole other story....but the group of ladies who did it are lucky they didn't get thrown out!!) I took lots of pictures (NOT of the ladies room) ....I just  have to get them on here...this picture is of MY garden...it's the best I could do for now!! If you go...I'd love to hear your opinion!! And, also, just a side note....I was looking out the bus windows both to and from and it is my opinion that the grass is "greening" and I see a difference in the color of the willow trees (one of the first to pop...) so I do believe Spring is in the air...and NOT just in the Convention Center!!!

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