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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's day.....

This is the "greenest" picture I have in my stash...Happy St. Patrick's Day!! This is one of those "fun" holidays...no stress, no pressure, no gifts or huge amounts of work necessary. Just the chance to enjoy the day and make it a little special...because you deserve it!! I think we need more days like that!! I don't know what the rest of the country is experiencing, weather wise, but we are going to have "the luck of the Irish" around here for the next two days!!! I am going to head to the garden center for my pansies at some point this afternoon...I am very excited!!! I am, also, going to go in to work and make some Irish soda bread....I worked on that recipe for some time until I got it just right. I don't think you are supposed to mess with a traditional recipe...but my philosophy is...if you can make it better....you should!!! I'm not a big fan of making food that shouldn't be green...green...however, I make an exception when it comes to "mint"...I made chocolate cupcakes with mint chocolate chip cheesecake filling...that's as green as I am going to get!! I have a cake ordered for today....they ordered my coconut cream cake...but I have to tint the icing green...it should be interesting!!! Like I said...it's a fun holiday!! Have a great day and go out and enjoy yourselves!!!

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