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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I see daffodils.....

So...have you gone outside to look and see if you have anything coming back to life?? All of my daffodils are up about 3 or 4 inches!!! I noticed them this morning when I was leaving to go to work. It's VERY exciting!! We wait and wait and think it will NEVER get here....and, just like that....the little green shoots of hope are coming to make you smile!!! I must say...I could do without the weather they are predicting for tomorrow, though!! This is how it's been for months, no "normal" weather...it has to be extreme or nothing!!! All I want is to enjoy my garden, again....not watch it get washed away!! ~~~ Isn't this a great piece?? Another example of the charming "vintage storybook" pieces we have for Easter. I love all of the illustrations in old storybooks. The artwork was so great...it's no wonder it inspired so many of the Easter collectibles that we are carrying this year. I, especially, love the old Beatrix Potter books. Her art is awesome!! There is just something so intriguing about animals wearing clothes...so fanciful and whimsical...give me a bunny in an apron or a hen in a bonnet and I am hooked!!! Then if they make desserts out of blackberries and brew chamomile tea...well, need I say more?? I saw a whole collection of her books from the 1930's...in really good condition...on a website. It is taking a lot of willpower not to go back and buy them, let me tell you!!! I have some of the collection...but to get the whole thing....and in such good condition...all of them... whew...a whole lot of willpower!!!

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