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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lots of fun ahead....

So...the house is all done and decorated for Spring and Easter. I will make sure that next year my decorating day does NOT fall on daylight savings time weekend. I unpacked all of the bins ( I think there are 12...) and it looked like a "flower shop exploded in the house" ( that's what my husband said as he was planning his escape...) and then had the overwhelming desire to go back to bed!! Luckily I soldiered on and now it's all done....I am still not used to the daylight savings thing...but the house looks happy and Spring-like...it helps a little!! I did not get to the garden center for my pansies. They close at 5:00....and so do we...I have an appointment, this afternoon...so maybe I can duck out for a few minutes and run up there tomorrow afternoon. ~~~ My meeting later today is with one of my Reps...for Christmas!!! I had one yesterday, too...Bunnies, Santa Claus, Jelly Beans, Candy Canes....it's all good!!! ~~~ The date of our first class is fast approaching....and I have it, very much, on my mind. The first one is going to be a new idea for us...we are collaborating with a friend of mine....she is going to teach "woolen flower" making and then I am going to teach easy and fun ways to decorate cupcakes with "flowers"...it's a "Walk in the Garden" and we are going to have a blast!! When it's all done, you will have flowers to add to your Spring decor and pretty cupcakes to share with your family...I want the "cupcake decorating" to be fun and simple...but still impressive when they are done!! That's what is "cooking" in my imagination right now. I have a little girl's birthday party, shortly after this class is scheduled, and we are going to decorate cupcakes for that, too!! I have cupcakes on the brain!!! I love this time of year...so many fun things coming up!! If you haven't made your reservations for the classes yet...give us a call...they are filling up, quickly!!! Have a great day!!!


  1. omg..I hope I didn't miss sign ups for your spring classes? are they all filled up??? dang.

  2. No...there is still room...but give us a call and get signed up!!!