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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh....Winter...just go AWAY.......

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is the first of April!!! Not only because it seems like I JUST welcomed March....(and in retrospect I wish I had said "no thank you"!!!) but because it sure doesn't feel like a typical April here in Pennsylvania. This month can be a little unpredictable....but, seriously, this is just the pits!! It actually saps your energy!! Usually, by this time, we are all raring to go on all of those outside projects that we have been planning all Winter. I don't know about you,but I am not raring to go on ANYTHING!!! If it isn't too cold, it's so windy you can't stand to be outside....and if, by some stroke of luck, it's not freezing...it's raining~~AGAIN!!!!!~~ Oh...where oh where is the April weather we all know and love??? I know that all of this moaning is not productive..or helpful in any way...but, sometimes you just can't help it!!! I am going in to work to make my famous April Fool's Day cupcakes that look like spaghetti & meatballs and mashed potatoes...I am going to try to look past the immediate weather forecast and welcome this month...~~~~ So the first class of our Spring schedule was last night. My friend Kay came and showed everyone how to rug hook. All of the ladies made flowers...first you "hook" the middle, then the outside "petals" then you finish the back and attach a stick for the stem, tie a set of wool leaves to the stick and you have a primitive Spring flower!! They are SO cool when they are done!!! Almost everyone in attendance, last night, had never done rug hooking before...and everyone did a GREAT job!!! It was a new experience and they all rose to the challenge!! When they needed a "break" everyone decorated cupcakes with "flowers" and then we boxed them up and they took them home to enjoy!! It was a lot of fun...and I think we may have "hooked" a few new wool artists!!! Kay is going to participate in the "A Very Merrie Halloween" show and festival that we are planning for this Fall...I wanted her to get some attention ahead of time...and, speaking of the Halloween show....if you know of any Halloween Artists or Craftspeople who would like to apply....PLEASE have them contact me at the shop!!! This thing is going to be great...and will get better and better every year!! The kind of event you circle on your calendar WAY in advance and look forward to all year!! We need amazing people....like Kay...who love what they do and, of course, loving Fall and Halloween doesn't hurt either!!! Have a GREAT day everybody!!! Think SUNNY thoughts!!!!

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