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Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Byers' Choice adventure.....

We are back from our Byers' Choice adventure!!! It IS an adventure, too!! When you get down there for one of these retailer's events, you are never really sure what to expect...and today was no exception. We went in to the emporium first. We had a 1:30 appointment and we were early, so we went in to see what was "new". They "refreshed" the gift area...put in all new hard wood floors...and changed things all around....so we went and checked all of that out first. Then we went and "checked in"...they give you your name tags and a read out of all of the merchandise that you have ordered....either the stuff that you have received recently or the things that you are scheduled to receive shortly...this is a great tool to have because you are "let loose" in the warehouse and it is really easy to forget what you are supposed to be doing!!! Especially if, like me, you are a collector too....then you can REALLY lose your head!!! After you pick out all of your merchandise...it heads over to Joyce, who signs EVERY piece...very cool!! Then you go back to the cafeteria and wait  for a phone call that your order is ready for pick up!! They always have all kinds of food in the cafeteria and you can help yourself while you wait. This time, however, we got to go back to the "floor" where all of the Carolers are made and help to make one!!!! It was so cool!!! We could have made the woman with the vegetables or the man selling candy canes (in this picture...) but, we decided to make the woman selling "bumpershoots" (the British term for umbrellas...) I will tell you what...it is not an easy thing!! I am sure that it just takes some time to get all of the techniques down...but, when you are first timers...it's a little intimidating!! All of the newest pieces came home with us and are waiting to be unpacked tomorrow...if you love these guys too, make sure you come in and see us...we'll even show you the one we made!!! OK HELPED to make!!!

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