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Friday, March 11, 2011

Waiting and watching....

Ahhh...the garden when it's green!! We live very close to the Little Lehigh...so this rain storm has caused some unwelcome stress in our lives!! Today is a new day...the rain is over, the sump-pump is doing it's job, there are only a couple of inches in the basement...no big deal....the creek only came up to where I expected it to....and then you turn on the news and hear about the earthquake in Japan and the resulting Tsunami...and that rain sort of doesn't even matter any more. If you know anyone in the path of all of this...the whole world is waiting, watching, praying and holding their breath with you!!! I am beginning to wonder what it would be like to have some "normal" weather. I think that the first warm and beautiful day will be a day of celebration. I am not sure what we should do...but since the quiet and serene weather seems to be such a rare thing....I think we need to do something!!! Have a peaceful, worry-free Friday!!

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