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Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome Spring.....

What a busy weekend!!! Add in the daylight savings fun and it makes for a very tired me!!! I have been planning to spend the day decorating our house for Spring and Easter...and that is what I am going to do....regardless of the fact that I am so tired I can't see straight!! I know that, in a week or two, I will be glad that it stays light past 5:00...especially when I start to work in my garden (which I can't WAIT for!!!)...but right now, I am so MESSED up!!! It happens when we "turn" them the other way, too! I know it's coming...but there just isn't anything that you can do to make it any better....especially when you work long weekend hours~~Oh well....complaining never solves anything either. I am hoping that reuniting with my bunnies and chicks and my wheelbarrow collection (among MANY other things...) will give me energy for the task at hand!! I am, also, hoping to go to the garden center, later, because they are getting the pansies in today!!! I LOVE pansies....and I want some for on my porch!! So those are my motivators for today!! With any luck I will sleep tonight and then things will start to get back to normal....well, as normal as they can....that is not a word I would, necessarily choose for us!!! Let the Spring countdown begin...have a great day!!!

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