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Monday, March 28, 2011

Will it ever warm up??........

We went to visit our Grandson, this morning. I don't think there is a better way to spend part of your only day off!! He is so funny...and has discovered a love of mini marshmallows!!! A love he shares with his PopPop...he is, also, quite fond of Curious George and Taylor Swift. It's hard to believe he is 13 months old...not a "baby" any more, that's for sure!! This Easter will be fun, he loves to be outside and, with any luck, it will be warm enough that we can enjoy the day outside....but, with the way it's going, who knows?? Old Man Winter may have decided to re-visit but the signs of Spring are everywhere. The daffodils are blooming and the forsythia is ready to pop...robins EVERYWHERE...so this weather can't go on forever!!! The birds are, frantically, claiming all of the birdhouses in the yard...is it to start their families or stay warm...now that is a good question!!! I would love to go out and start to work in my gardens, but it is still too cold for me!! I don't mind the cooler Spring weather...especially to work outside...but this is just TOO cold for me!!! These are the birdhouses, we carry at the shop, that are made of gourds....right here in Pennsylvania...pretty cool!! And they look great hanging in the yard. I grew these, one year...I had some that were positively HUGE....but growing them is the easy part, getting them to look like this is a whole other story!!! Our first Spring class is on Wednesday night. "A Walk in the Garden"...we are going to learn how to make wool flowers from a friend of mine. She brought some for me to "display" and they are SO cool!! This is really going to be a lot of fun!! We are, also, going to decorate cupcakes to look like flowers...staying in the garden theme...it may be too cold outside, but it's going to be "Springtime" in Sweet Memories!!!! I am really looking forward to it...keep warm thoughts everybody!!!!

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