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Monday, April 4, 2011


"You Break It...You Bought It"....we've all seen the signs. I guess the idea is that it will discourage people from touching merchandise by scaring them. After all...no one wants to pay for something that's broken...including the shop owner! I don't have those signs. My philosophy here is that no one breaks things on purpose. I mean, I don't know anybody who walks into a retail establishment and throws things against the walls just to watch them break (and if you do....may I respectfully recommend some sort of professional help!!!) When there is damage it is an accident. Now, having said that, I must admit that most "accidents" are not really accidents at all. They can be avoided by simply using common sense and being more aware of your surroundings...this applies to everything from walking (watch where you are going!!!) to driving (watch where the OTHER guy is going!!!) to touching merchandise in retail stores. After all...it "belongs" to someone else until you plunk down YOUR hard earned cash for it....(you would be careful if you borrowed a friends cake plate or earrings...right???) It may be sitting there with a price tag on it....but someone already paid for it!!! I AM going somewhere with all of this...and it's, probably, not where you think!!! We have damage...and occasional theft...but, for the most part it's not really an issue. Also, for the most part, I FIND the damage. Whoever caused it KNOWS that they caused it...but they just walk away. Yesterday we had the exception!!! I had a little Easter piece that met his end. I know it was, in fact, an accident....because it was brought to our attention!!! They wanted to pay for it...but, once they got outside with their receipt from their other purchases...realized that they had not been charged...and then they CAME BACK IN and tried to pay for it again!!!! I am, still, so HAPPY about this that I felt the need to tell the story!!! Whatever the price was for that Easter decoration....it was worth paying just to see the GOOD side of human nature!!! Seriously....I  find (more and more and more...) that no one wants to take responsibility. Everyone tries to blame other people for their short-comings and faults. This is not MY observation...I have had this conversation many, many times with other people who feel the same way...and then here is someone who is willing to take complete responsibility....and it was probably wasn't even their fault to begin with!! (I can just imagine someone looking at the piece and then putting it down where it didn't belong...somewhere "dangerous"...) I'm sure most places would have taken the money....but I got so much more from this customer....a restored faith and the knowledge that I have wonderful customers!!! I got to spend the day remembering why I say you all are more like our family!!! I posted on my facebook page, the other day, that I really have a great job because I get to bake cookies and cakes all day long....but this weekend I was reminded that I really have a great job...because I have all of you!!! Go out and have a GREAT day....I will!!!!

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