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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A completed transformation....almost....

With each new season or Holiday comes the task of ordering and displaying new, wonderful and delight inspiring (or at least I hope...) merchandise. The last few days has seen an awful lot of activity!!! First of all, we have a store room full of new "stuff"....but I can't put it out until I have completely ripped apart and rearranged all of the existing displays. I can't just "stick" new things in here and there. it doesn't do the merchandise justice...and it makes me unhappy!! On top of this GIANT project we had another class, last night!!! This one was "A Garden Luncheon"....and took almost all of my attention....so I have been delegating....(not one of my strong points, by the way...) and trying to get the things that need to get done...done....without actually being able to do them myself!!! I have, also, had a bunch of orders...many, many scones (which I am assuming has something to do with the upcoming Royal Wedding...) and, to top it all off.....it is disgustingly hot for this time of year ( I told you it wouldn't be long before we were complaining about it!!!!!) and I am not sleeping!!! But, despite all of that, the class was a ton of fun (a really great group!!! Lots of fun conversation!!!) I am anticipating completion of the gift shops today, I am looking forward to making some MORE scones for orders, today....and I put a fan approximately 2 feet away from my side of the bed, last night, and slept a little better!! (My husband hates the air conditioning...so he is dragging his feet about getting it "in"...anyone who knows me well, knows that, under "normal" circumstances....that wouldn't matter in the slightest...however, I have more pressing things on my agenda...when those things are taken care of...the air WILL be "in"!!!)  They are saying that, once these "wonderful" thunderstorms pass through that it will get a little cooler ... SEASONABLE would be nice .... and I am hoping for still more of the new merchandise to come in today (I think that is called "a glutton for punishment" if I am not mistaken :)...but I am VERY excited about what is on it's way!!!!) So...if you are planning a visit, soon, be prepared to be WOWED...I hope!!!!

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