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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011.....

Easter 2011...I hope you all had a great day!!! The sun made an appearance....that was a treat! Of course, the very first rain drop was about 30 seconds into my Grandson's Egg Hunt!! We found them all before it started to rain, though...he was not happy that he couldn't be outside...it's his favorite place to be!!! The top picture is the "community Easter Basket" for all of my"big" kids...but you are never too old for an Easter Basket....or to color eggs!! These works of art were done by my daughter and her boyfriend...and they did a great job!! We got some yard work done (the herb garden is all ready for it's new plants...) and we had a very nice dinner OUTSIDE (right before the rain....) It was a wonderful, fun and relaxing day....hopefully yours was too!!!

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