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Friday, April 8, 2011

Easter Dinner...what's on your plate???

Easter is getting close....and we are all starting to think about our plans for the day. Do you do the cooking?? Does your family go out?? Is it a big all out affair....or a potluck-picnic kinda celebration?? My "crew" is starting to get antsy....they want to know all of the whens and what times....ahhh Holidays!! We are VERY traditional around here...there are certain things that you just don't mess with. There will be ham, potato salad and the all important deviled eggs. Deviled eggs are one of the few foods that all three of my kids agree on. There aren't many other things that ALL of them like....but those eggs need to show up at all of our family gatherings from now until Labor Day (and they, probably, would like to see them for Thanksgiving and Christmas, too!!!) I think we will be dying some eggs this year...something we have not done in a while...all of my "kids"...aren't kids anymore...but there is talk of re-visiting this tradition!! We will, also, be having an egg hunt...which we have not done in a while...but we will be using plastic eggs for that...my Grandson throws them!! I am planning to make some candy, too....another tradition that has taken a "break"...I think a "community" basket with some favorites would be a welcome addition to the dinner table. Having a little one in our midst is going to be a lot of fun, this year!! What are your family traditions?? I'd love to hear from you...either leave a comment on here or on our facebook page...have a great Friday!!

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