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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fun, fun Wednesday.....

The second class of the Spring is history....and we had a lot of fun!!! It was the Easter Brunch class and I had a bunch of really different recipes that would make a great addition to the Brunch...or Dinner...menu. Corn Quiche, Asparagus Gratin and CRAB deviled eggs just to name a few!!! I am really ready for this Holiday, now!!! I am, also, pretty excited to see the sun. We were all in agreement, last night, that all of this dreary wet weather is the pits!!!~~~ My son surprised us with a visit, yesterday...A little time with my Grandson is always fun!!! He, usually, falls asleep in the car so it takes him a little while to adjust to being at the shop. He, usually, lets us all know that he isn't too happy about being there for a few minutes....but then he remembers that he likes having the run of the place!! He has a few new words in his vocabulary....uh oh...among them!!! He couldn't resist taking some of the "sports" themed birthday candles off of the display, yesterday, and when he got them in his hand he says "uh oh"...like he couldn't figure out how they got there!!! Too funny!!! He spent a little time charming all of our customers (which he is ALWAYS surprised to see....like he can't figure out why there are so many people at MomMom and PopPop's house....) eating his Kix (and a few marshmallows...he shares that passion with his PopPop...) and then the sleepiness got the better of him!!! It won't be too much longer and he will want to "help" in the kitchen!! He is fascinated with the mixer and, already, knows HOT!!! It just goes SO fast!! I have to get to work....lots to do!!! Have a great day and enjoy the sun....the way things have been going...it won't be here for long!!!!

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