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Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy, Happy April!!!!!

Happy, Happy April....and I mean that!!! After days of gloomy forecasts...it turns out that today brings only GOOD news!!! No white stuff, no traffic issues, no slippery anything, no cancellations....NO PROBLEMS!!!! Can everyone take a moment and breathe that sigh of relief with me...aahhhhh!!! On top of that...there is a, brief, warm up in the forecast. Can life get any better??? (Well...it could stop raining...but let's not push our luck!!!) I am not a big fan of dumb April Fool's day pranks...frankly, I don't get it!! But I do make the fun spaghetti & meatball and mashed potato cupcakes....which were all gone in a flash, yesterday...so I am heading in to work to make round two!!! We, also, got our BIG dishtowel and dishcloth order....Hey...we all HAVE to do this chore, may as well do it with something pretty!!! When I place this order my mindset is always "go big or don't bother"...then it comes in and there are dozens and dozens of towels and dishcloths that have to be folded and rolled and I think....WHY do I order SO many!!! But it always looks so nice when it's done!!! We have some really nice towels with beeskeps, crows, roosters and gardening tools...and then I ordered a whole bunch that look like old-fashioned "homespun"...so the baker's cabinet, in the kitchen room of the gift shop, sort of looks like a quilt shop!!! It's a great, inexpensive, necessary item that you can treat yourself to...gives you a little extra happiness in your day when you put something new and pretty in your house....kinda like when you look out the window and there is NO SNOW in sight.....kinda like that! Happy April~~ no fooling!

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