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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just want to do some yard work......

OK...so I want to go to this flower shop. This was another one of the displays at the flower show....but I wish it were real!!! I really love the awnings!! I'm loving the bicycle, too....how about you?? Well...just when we think that we might have some Springtime weather we get, well, some Springtime weather!!! Up and down, warm then cold, sunny then rainy....and how about that WIND???? Ugh...so tired of it!!! We did a little yard work yesterday....cleaned up the front flower bed at home (the most visible one!!!) but there is still so much to do!! If only the weather would cooperate!!! I really want to work on my herb garden. It's the focal point of everything and I am always happiest when it looks it's best. Everything else seems "do-able" when the herb garden is done. Unfortunately, it's a big job....it will take the better part of a whole Monday...and we haven't had a whole good one yet!!! In the meantime, we are trying to do the smaller beds a little at a time. Most people do their "clean-up" in the Fall....endlessly raking leaves and pulling out all of the dead plants (after the frost gets them...) but I have a different approach. I allow the dead plants to remain. First of all they are full of seed heads that the birds feed on (and sometimes the seeds volunteer the following Spring!!!) and then the Fall leaves, that we DO NOT rake, get "stuck" in them. Eventually, all of the leaves wind up "stuck" in the flower beds and that helps to insulate the perennials over the Winter. Sort of like mulch. And one more added benefit...the leaves start to decompose...my soil is VERY happy!!! It means a lot of "Spring clean up"....but we would have to do that anyway!!! This Winter was, particularly, hard on some other aspects of the garden...birdhouses,decorations and some of my "structures" need some attention. Oh well....not much we can do but wait...as patiently as possible...just think~~before you know it we can all complain because it's too hot!!! But, for right now...I am going to find that blanket~~~AGAIN!!!!

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