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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So Promising....

The sun was so pretty this morning...so promising!! I took a little, tiny, super quick walk around the yard before I left for work (while the car was warming up....'cuz it was COLD!!!) being VERY careful to only look at what was coming to life and NOT at all of the work that lies ahead...I love to take that little stroll first thing in the morning...it starts the day off right!! Everything is really popping...and that is so encouraging...especially because it is still so cold...you would think that the flowers and trees would say....NO THANK YOU and stay "asleep"....I see the hydrangeas are coming to life, my rhubarb is coming up, my chive is about 6 inches high, all of my roses are looking good, forsythia is ready to go, lilacs are all "greening"....it was a very promising morning. Oh what a difference a few hours can make!!! I know they say that April showers bring May flowers....but they forget to tell you the part about how depressing those dumb showers can be!!! I am going to go and take a look at the weather forecast....do I dare hope that it WON'T rain on Monday??? I sure hope so....'cuz I must confess...I kinda peeked at all of the work that lies ahead....and I would REALLY like to get it done sometime before June!!!! Have a great night!!!

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