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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Today we had a group of 9 year olds come and attend a "cupcake birthday party"....the Mom of the Birthday girl contacted me a little while ago with the idea for the party. They would have the opportunity to decorate their own cupcakes. It sounded like a lot of fun to me...so I said OK....here are some of the results!!! All of the young ladies were up for using the icing bag (which is very intimidating to a lot of adults)....and some used it too much!!! All of them had fun!!! We decorated the pieces of art, first, and then they had tea sandwiches and a beverage of choice....the logic here being that if we could get some food in them....perhaps it would tone down the effects of the sugar!!! I don't know if that worked or not....but all of the girls can be VERY proud of themselves!!! All of them watch the "food shows"...and I think you could tell!!! It's interesting, really, when you think about just how much influence these shows are having....do you know ANYONE who HASN'T seen them??? I have to say....in my opinion, most of them are scripted and I would much rather see some REAL reality....goodness knows there is enough REAL stuff going on to bring in all kinds of ratings!!! I would love to hear a round of applause for our artists and a rousing chorus of "Happy Birthday" if you have a minute!!! Have a great night!!!

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