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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Where did this week go??........

I am sorry that it has been so long between posts on here....CRAZY busy week!!! We had our class on Wednesday and we went Easter shopping for my Grandson on Thursday...we serve Supper on Friday, had Ladies Night with the Family, last night...(yes, in all of that rain!!!!)...well, you get the picture!! Somewhere in between all of that I got a little work done in the garden at the shop....it's starting to look like Spring has arrived!!! Still need to get a little more done, but everything looks great!! All of my rose bushes...even the hydrangea bush that I stuck in the ground, never expecting it to make it!! I bought it at the grocery store for a display....when I was done with it I couldn't bring myself to just throw it out...although it was the worse for wear....so I stuck it out in the garden...and it looks REALLY good!!! I love hydrangeas...they have another new one, this year, with strawberry in the name....not sure where I want to put it, yet....but I will HAVE to have it!!! We are planning on working outside, again, tomorrow....but I have to go in to the shop and make some phone calls and do some ordering, first. We are so busy that the day just gets away from me and I can't seem to find a few, uninterrupted, moments to call orders in...so I will go when we are closed and take care of it....there are some REALLY exciting new things that I want to order or, already, have coming...stay tuned!!! As much as I love Easter...I am looking forward to re-doing all of the displays in the gift shop and getting everything ready for Summer and picnics and gardens and....well, you get the gist!!! Good night...sleep tight!!!

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