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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Again...I apologize....

Again...I apologize. I have been neglecting my blogging duties. I will beg forgiveness just this once because it was Mother's Day weekend. It will, more than likely, take until Thursday before I stop feeling like a bus hit me!!! (Hahaha....Oh age....ain't it great!!!) It was a fantastic Mother's Day from a business stand point. We were busy from Friday through Sunday night. Very, very limited "problems"...(some people "walked-in" on Sunday morning hoping to get a table....???....and we had one "no call/ no show"...) The bakery stayed BUSY but I managed to keep the case full!!! And all of my "peeps" were on their "A" game!!! During all of this I realized something... most restaurants need Mother's Day. They advertise the daylights out of it and do everything they can think of to get you to choose their establishment for your celebration.They count on that one day...just like retail counts on Christmas...to turn a significant profit. We were a little busier than "normal"....(and full of some of our favorite people....which makes us very lucky, too!!!) but we are, almost, THAT busy EVERY Sunday!!! How lucky are we??? Really!!! So...for all of our wonderful customers (who are really more like our family...) Thank You!!!! You guys ROCK....and not just on Holidays!!! :) ~~~~ Needless to say....my, personal, Mother's Day is the day after!! We went to breakfast with my oldest daughter...then hit some of the local garden centers. I love to go to garden centers like most women love to go to the mall. I must say, though, that I have become hard to please. We went to one, yesterday, that we haven't been to in a while and I was disappointed. I think most garden centers have realized that you need more "going on" than just great plants. Most of them have great garden merchandise, too. This one was always one that I felt had a "great eye" for such things....but, sadly, not any more!! It's a little farther away, anyway, so I guess we won't need to make that drive anymore. I think the competition is as stiff in this retail situation as it is in any other. If you want to stay in the game....you need to step it up!! If you aren't the one the shines....there are a few more behind you polishing their game!!! On that note....I am heading in to work to do a little more polishing myself....you go out and make it a great day!!!

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