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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Feeling at home......

Both of these pictures were taken at the shop. One (the top one) is on the upstairs back porch and is two baby doves in their nest. The other one is of a Robin's nest that is under the back porch...downstairs. I would like to believe that it is a testament to how comfortable we make everyone that comes in to the shop (or, apparently, outside of the shop...) because we try to make everyone feel "at home"....or "nest" whichever the case may be!!! We have been experiencing some really depressing weather here in southeastern PA of late...I thought these pictures would make you smile!!! If we were to be perfectly honest the thing that would make ALL of us smile would be a little sunshine....let's keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow!!! The combination of rain, rain and more rain and the full moon has made a lot of people grumpy....or grumpier!!! I have been trying to keep the bakery case full...it is a known fact that sweets help to put us in a better mood, and judging by the very, very brisk sales...I think I am brightening moods all over the place!!! :) We did have one lady who was not too happy with us this afternoon, though....we were out of whatever she was looking for. It's a shame that she didn't just call a couple of days ago...she could have ordered anything she wanted and I would have had it done for her. Oh well....I try my best, every single day....I don't think anyone can do any more than that!!! ~~~~ I did a little more ordering today. I have some really fun things coming in if you are a "Fairy Gardener"... some more things to add to our Fall and Halloween displays, Fall and Halloween candy (great stuff!!!!) and the Christmas candy that is in the "pre-sell" catalog....that's the stuff that you have to order early or it will all be gone and you will be out of luck!!! In a couple of weeks I will need to do the rest of the Christmas candy order! I, also, have some more great kitchen things coming in....really cute cupcake papers and cookie cutters....I felt like a ping pong ball, today....bouncing all over the place!!! Hahahahaha.....do you all see how much I love you....I will even sacrifice my own sanity to make your time with us wonderful and your shopping experience great!!! Like I said...we work hard to make you feel at home!!!! Have a great night!! ....and smile....this weather CAN NOT last forever!!!!!!

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