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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hello July...oh wait......

Isn't it amazing? We complain and moan about the Springtime weather...wonder, out loud and with some frequency, if we will ever see the sun....and then, just like, that we are thrown....a little harder than necessary~~Thank you~~ right into Summer!!! Oh the glorious heat and humidity of July....oh wait, that's right, it's only May!!! Whatever!!!~~~~ These are baby peaches on my super cool purple leafed peach tree. All of the trees in our "orchard" (we have 20 something fruit trees all together....I am not sure what the definition of "orchard" is...but that qualifies as far as I am concerned!!) are looking great and are full of fruit. Peaches, Apples, Pears and Asian Pears. There are going to be some AMAZING treats at Sweet Memories this year....well, as long as we get it before the wildlife does!!! There is something very appealing to me about making food from produce that we have grown. Peach pie tastes 100 times better with homegrown peaches and the same goes for apple pie and applesauce!! I get the same little thrill when I use my own herbs in dishes both at the shop and at home. I know I said this before...but if you don't grow any herbs...please add a few to your garden this year!! They are very easy to grow and will reward you both with their culinary contributions and with their aroma!! Makes all of your problems go away....well, not away actually, but easier to handle!! I am going to bed and I am going to hope that I don't have a migraine when I wake up....2 in one week is enough for anybody!!! Maybe I should have put a little lavender under my pillow....or maybe a whole plant!!! Good Night!!

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