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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Not enough day.....

I feel like I am slacking... I really try to post, on here, regularly... but, sometimes, I just run out of day!!! Right now, we are in over drive...Mother's Day is a very, very busy time!! I have a ton of baking to do, the gift shops to attend to ( this is the selection of our 1803 candles...a customer favorite!! We just got a new shipment with scents like "basil and berry" and "strawberry preserves" who could resist that??) and the front garden to "whip" into shape!! We spent a few hours, on Monday, ripping....and I mean ripping...out all of the plants that should never have been where they were to begin with. I don't like to kill anything. I am a gardener. I have a love for plants and flowers....but, I also have a love for order and organization... and an inner eye that can see what I WANT something to look like. Sometimes you have to say enough is enough. I have attempted to "work" with what was there for far too long. Now it's going to look the way I want it to look!!! I have spent the last few years cleaning out the "herb" part of the garden and getting it planted the way I wanted it....herbs, roses and perennials. That is on the inside of the little picket fence. We ripped out the "flower bed" under the lamp post on Monday. I "see" red and yellow annuals...geraniums, marigolds and petunias...in that bed and on the other side of the walkway. That way I can pull them out, after the frost has gotten them, and the front will look clean and orderly throughout the Winter. Now, the next big issue....when to plant?? Our last "frost date" is May 15th....but, other than tonight, the extended weather is showing no signs of the 30's....I'm thinking tomorrow!! I would love to have it looking good for Mother's Day...we will see!! Go out and make it a great day!!

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