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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Plans....what's the point???

Why do we make plans? Why do we bother? First we are going to....no, we're not. Once again, Mother Nature let us know who is boss! We had the front porch, at the shop, restored 2 years ago. It was quite a job. The floor boards were in really bad shape (there was carpet on them....through no fault of mine!! I DO NOT recommend this!!!!) so they replaced the whole thing with mahogany. It is really pretty....but it sees a LOT of traffic (yeah!!!!) So it gets scuffed up. My husband "oils" it every Memorial Day. We are closed AND there is no mail delivery...so I don't have to worry about the mailman walking on it!! The plan was to go over early, before it got too hot. I had some more herbs to plant in the garden and some more plants to pull out. So, we both had our "assignments" and were ready to go. And then....the thunderstorm....unexpected, out of no where....certainly not predicted!! Now the porch is all wet...change of plans!!!! We were heading down to my favorite greenhouse (after we were done at the shop....) to try to get all of the plants I need to finish the gardens at home (NEVER this late.....again, that Mother Nature....) so we went down there first and then to the shop. All in all I guess we got a lot done, but with the heat and humidity, it felt like I was in slow motion all day long!!! And, because of the change in plans, I now have plants EVERYWHERE that need to find their homes. Guess what I am doing after work.....all week long!!! :) ~~~~ My sister-in-law has the picnic for Memorial Day...one of my nieces does the 4th of July and another one does Labor Day...(we do Christmas breakfast!!!) I don't think we have ever had a "nice" weather picnic for Memorial Day!! It's either raining, cold or brutally HOT!!!! We all have a great time, though, and that's all that matters!!! This particular Holiday has some extra "remembrance" for our family. We lost two members.....too young and too soon....right around Memorial Day. So, in addition to remembering Heroes, both in the military and here at home ( I don't know if you have ever had to use Hospice....but those people are heroes, too!!!) we remember two people who should be eating hotdogs and playing ball with us....we miss you!!! I hope you all had a fun and relaxing day...now, back to life!

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