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Monday, May 2, 2011

Polka dots......

I love polka dots. I love how fun and whimsical they are...they remind me of birthday parties and balloons and cake....and all of those things just make you happy!! There are certain things that I gravitate towards when I am ordering for the gift shops. I love things for the kitchen (there's a shock!!!) I love things for the garden, I love things that are fun and whimsical and I LOVE the Holidays. It is pretty evident when you climb the stairs to our shops that you have entered "my world"... a lot of retail and merchandising experts warn against buying what YOU love. The theory being that not everyone will have your taste. To a certain extent, I agree. My own "personal" style may not be your style... but, when I decide what to fill the gift shops with, I am not deciding what to put in my own home. However....when I am deciding what to fill the gift shops with.... I NEED to love it. I am paying for all of it...and I am sure you'd agree....it is tough to pay for things you don't like!!! And, of course, when it all comes in...I am designing all of the displays...it would be impossible to display something I don't really love (anyone who has ever received a gift they weren't overly fond of will understand what I am talking about....) and then, when the displays are done, I have to "live with" this merchandise until it sells. I don't want to look at stuff I don't like day after day!!! So....as usual....I find myself going against the "popular way of looking at things"...and doing it my way ( again, anyone who knows me well will say...what else is new??) and it seems to be working!!! So many of you tell me how much you love it upstairs....and, in this "kinda tough" economy... the retail part of our business is doing well. I see your faces when you come downstairs with your new treasures...and you all look happy...like you've been to a birthday party with balloons and cake...like these polka dots!!! So...I will continue to order things I love....and hopefully you will love them, too!!!( And...just to let you know...there is a whole lotta love waiting for you right now!!!) Have a great "polka dot" day!!!


  1. LOVE your polka dot display! It's true that it is most enjoyable to create displays with products that you love. Have a dottie day!

  2. Thanks Becky!!! I am glad you understand!!! :)