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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rites of Spring......

It's official. It's Spring in the gardens at our house. My son and husband (mostly my son....) have "fixed" the pond. It is a rite of Spring...the rocks will need to be moved and rearranged just as surely as the...well, I was going to say "sun will come up"....but, let's just say the rain will fall instead!!!! It is a hard and heavy job. I know that we could affix the stones using various methods and then we would, more than likely, not have to do this....but the idea of the "creek bed" is for it to look like a creek bed....and I, personally, have never seen a creek with concreted stone. This used to be my job. My husband would help with the moving of the rock...but, for the most part, it was my job. Somewhere along the line, though, my son took over. He has a real knack for it. He looks for just the right stone....shape, color and size...and gets them in "just right". He is as determined to make it look natural as I am, but still have it running the way it needs to to keep the fish happy (they "play" in the waterfall...) I am not well known for my ability to hand over power...of any kind! Delegating is not my strong point....but I am very happy to hand this job over...those rocks are HEAVY!!! I am, especially, happy to hand it over to my son. There were times when I worried that I had fallen down on the responsibility of instilling the work ethic in him. Both of our daughters work for us at the shop....and they WORK. He did a short stint...very short...and will come over and help when it's necessary...but the shop was never his "thing". I am OK with that...but that didn't get him off the hook when he lived at home. You are part of the family....you do your part. Period. But, he has always been a smart kid....he had ways of getting out of all kinds of jobs. He never particularly cared for manual labor....or getting dirty....so, it does my heart good to see him, up to his elbows in mud and pond water....thoroughly enjoying his contribution to our gardens. Thank you, again...you did a great job....and the water level is right where it should be!!! Now...I am looking forward to the day when my Grandson decides he want to help too. He is a smart cookie....just like his Daddy....I think I'll have to have a little talk with him and let him know, up front, that I know all the "tricks"....and, while I hope he comes up with a few new ones at home (....all you parents know this as "payback :)...) they aren't going to work at MomMom's!!!!!

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