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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yes...I know what month it is......

Oh my God....she's at it again!!!! Yes, this is another Halloween picture in May!! I just created a facebook page for the event we are planning in October. The page is "1803 House A Very Merrie Halloween" so I have Halloween on my mind.....besides, I have had to order all of my Halloween merchandise and candy the last couple of weeks (and, actually still have a couple of VERY important orders to place... still fine tuning them!!!) so it's on my mind anyway!!! Any time you start something new it's a challenge. Especially if you want it to be amazing. All too often events are not properly planned and are rushed into...not the way to go as far as I'm concerned!! If you want a quality, much anticipated event you need to plan, plan, plan!!! I think it is more important that each step is taken (no skipping over anything...) and each decision is thought out, than it is to just get it done. If it turns into a frustrating and amateur-ish show....no one will want to return!!! The plan, here, is for this to become a calendar "circle-er"...you know, one of those things that you wouldn't miss for anything....If you are so inclined I would appreciate it if you would go to 1803 House A Very Merrie Halloween on facebook and "like" the page....that way if I have anything important to tell you....I can tell you there and stop putting Halloween pictures on here in May.....Hahahahaha!!!! Have a great evening!!!

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